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Tunnel House Supper Club


High Street, City Centre


2014 October

Chefs Alex Davies of Shop Eight and Giulio Sturla of Roots Restaurant created a unique dining experience that was reflective of the design process and transitional environment – food that responds to its surroundings.

The pop up restaurant and kitchen was set up on the Agropolis Urban Farm site for two nights during FESTA 2014. Both dining sessions at the Tunnel House Supper Club were sold out within an hour of the tickets going on sale for the five-course meal with wine matches.

Local designers Leah Kyllo, Reece Julian, Bernard Farrant, and Erika Wilson used materials from the Rekindle Whole House Reuse Project to design and build Tunnel House Supper Club.

On Friday and Saturday night, 30 lucky patrons arrived to take their seats at the long, communal table in the pop-up restaurant and experience delicious, ethical food that was gathered from places situated as close to the dining site as possible.

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