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The Jewellery Box


City Centre



The Jewellery Box was a collaboration between the builders of the Microhouse, Corazon Craft and Tiki Kiwi Designs.
The Microhouse was used in various forms and was inhabited by The Jewellery Box Pop Up Shop. The transportable microhouse was designed and built by Richard Lorgelly and Jonathon Edwards. The Jewellery Box was open throughout the week and hosted craft markets, including the Pay-It-Forward market.
Corazon Craft was run by Cora Baillie and featured her own designs. The jewellery - earrings, necklaces, bracelets and cuffs - were hand-crafted from sterling silver wire and solid sterling silver. Some pieces also used gemstone beads, greenstone and paua, recycled copper, recovered computer parts and flame-worked glass beads.
Tiki Kiwi Designs was run by Sonia Mcnamus and featured jewellery
made from recycled, renewed and repurposed materials whenever possible. Sonia said that many of the pieces she makes are inspired by the legends, the world-view and the wisdom of her Maori ancestors.

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Site access & Landowner negotiations

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