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Stacked by Cam


LiVS Incubator, Cashel Street



I am Camille the creative behind Sacked by Cam. I make meaningful, dainty and minimalist jewellery using gemstones, freshwater pearls, natural wood and sensitive skin safe materials such as Sterling Silver and Gold filled metals

New to Christchurch with a new small business, I was looking for an outlet that would allow me to familiarize myself and business with Christchurch and share my journey of how I got started, where I am now and where I am headed.

Being in the Incubator provided the perfect opportunity for me to have a yarn with the community, receive feedback on what I had to offer, exchange ideas and resources with other small business owners who stopped by and help customers create their perfect little piece of jewellery that was meaningful to them. I can say that my customer service and sales skills improved immensely as each day presented different customers of varied personalities and needs. To top it off I was able to sell a few pieces which served as a confirmation that I was headed in the right direction at this point in my journey.

You can find out more about Stacked by Cam at or @StackedbyCam on Instagram

Our Role:

LiVS Incubator

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