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O Scott World


BNZ Centre, City Centre


2021 January

O Scott World is a designer clothing store located in the heart of the Christchurch central business district, the store features works from local designers and artists as well as items from internationally renowned brands.

Our store offers a unique one of a kind experience, we have created a vibrant atmosphere that reflects the nature of the works held within. With a focus on aesthetics and culture O Scott World is the ideal location to come and witness the talents of local creatives.

We hold rare items that usually are never seen in Christchurch, creating the feeling of stepping into a different realm once you enter. Most importantly we provide the opportunity for young up and coming artists to present their works to the public in a retail environment.

This brings the hidden art scene of Christchurch to the surface and allows everyone and anyone to interact with it. We appreciate Life in Vacant spaces for making this possible and can not thank them enough.

Our Role:

LiVS brokered the space

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