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I HEART Thrifting


BNZ Centre, City Centre


2019 August

A second-hand clothing store out to change the world!

I HEART Thrifting was a second-hand clothing store that provided people with access to good quality, branded second hand clothing. The team was on a mission to help address the lack of sustainability in the fashion industry.
I HEART Thrifting approached LiVS in 2018 looking for the perfect space. They had held a number of really successful pop-ups and were interested in giving a full-on retail space a go. They were willing to wait for just the right spot and in mid-2019 it happened; LiVS licensed a brand new space in the BNZ Centre. After jumping through some consenting hoops, the space opened to the public.

Our Role:

LiVS licenced and consented a space in the new BNZ Centre for use

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