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Constructed Realities


The Terrace, Oxford Terrace, City Centre


2023 March

We wanted a pop-up exhibition space in the central city, to create a context for an art exhibition that is between the formality of a gallery space and the relaxed experience of street art. We wanted the space for ideally four weeks, twice the normal duration of an exhibition, to engage with a broad audience not normally used to seeking out art experiences. To achieve this, a space highly visible with a good amount of foot and/or car traffic was desired.
The space that LiVS brokered was ideal. It exceeded our expectations of the exhibition.
From simple concepts to more complex ideas, “Constructed Realities” explores themes of personal identity, cultural hegemony, social engineering, and self-awareness. Normalising the conversation around these themes intends to inform viewers that the effect of constructing reality lies with ourselves, and of the mechanisms that we engage with daily, both consciously and subconsciously.

Paint on canvas and interactive digital mediums are used to create art objects, around which the conversations are formed.

Our Role:

Site Brokers

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