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Cathedral Junction Site


City Centre



Life in Vacant Spaces has been working with Cathedral Junction since 2014 and has seen a range of pop-up projects through its doors which include:

The Inconvenience Store, 2014
Long before the earthquakes, Christchurch’s central city was struggling because of all the massive – and incredibly convenient – suburban shopping malls. Gap Filler felt that the central city needed a point of difference. Convenience breeds regularity and conformity but the Inconvenience Store fulfilled a genuine central city need; raised a critical voice; was funny, silly, enjoyable; and led to new ideas for the central city. It was a ‘real’ store, and an art project and performance piece.
Jellocity, 2014
The jellyscape was continually built upon to culminate in a colourful, glowing city that is supposed to shake and wobble! LIVS Cathedral Junction hosted JelloCity as part of Festa 2014.

Anissa Victoria Loves Vintage, 2014
Anissa Victoria Loves Vintage started as a market at the Pallet Pavilion and grew into a more permanent fixture with a move to Cathedral Junction, where it hosted vintage retailers as well as makeup classes and an artist in residence. The sound of early jazz tunes on the turntable and suitcases full of cut-price accessories were out on the pavement to lure people in.

Imagination Station, 2015
The Imagination Station was a not-for-profit play and education centre with a whole lot of Lego!

Our Role:

Property manager negotiations, Public liability insurance, Legal agreements, Provision of power, Internet access

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