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Cathedral Square, City Centre


2014 March

Audacious was a festival of sonic arts that featuring public sound installations, performances, sound walks, and workshops.

Created by the Cantabrian Society of Sonic Artists (CSSA), the festival took place over a weekend in March 2014 and featured local and international sonic artists. Rachel Shearer’s ‘Immaterial Matter’ was installed in the Arcades, a work that involved a progression of sound that evolved as pedestrians passed through the timber archways. Makercrate hosted DIY synth workshops, Tony Smith and Geoff Lowe taught traditional Maori instrument making in Cathedral Square.

Simon Kong’s installation at RAD Bikes community bike workshop broadcast an ocean soundscape across the sea of rubble where the Grand Chancellor hotel used to be.

Visiting artists from the UK initiated a work called ‘A Folded Path’. It was a procession in three parts. Each group’s speakers carried a different musical score and the movements were timed so that the groups would meet each other at certain points during the composition.

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