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A Communal loaf


City Centre


2016 October

A Communal Loaf is about making bread, food resilience and community engagement. The project, by Simon Gray, began in 2017 working in collaboration with Cultivate Christchurch and supported by Life in Vacant Spaces.

A Communal Loaf started with a few small crops of wheat planted at the current Cultivate Chch site. The idea is to showcase the cycle of growing wheat, to a loaf of bread all from a locally grown source.

As the wheat has grown, an oven was built as a community project at the Phillipstown Community Hub. The first firing of the oven and initial loaves were baked about 8 months after the first planting.

Simon aims to continue to collaborate with local groups as the project evolves.

Our Role:

Site Access & Landowner Negotiations

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