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Do you own a space?

You’ve got what these creative projects need to become a reality.

We work with you to find a temporary project that fits with your aspirations, while you work through future plans or secure long-term tenants for your space.



Allowing a temporary project in your space can:


  • Enhance your space’s, profile, vitality and appeal

  • Reduce property upkeep

  • Boost foot traffic to the area, improving the local economy 

  • Help to reduce graffiti and crime

  • Enhance community goodwill

  • Deliver a rates incentive for the landowner

  • Potentially generate rent or help secure long-term tenants*



Whether you lease your land, building space or walls, we:


  • Use a simple Licence Agreement with a flexible rolling term

  • Ensure projects hold appropriate insurances and maintain H+S standards

  • Provide project oversight, ensuring projects are maintained well and in compliance with Licence terms

  • Arrange basic property maintenance to ensure your space continues to look its best


Property Partners who have supported LiVS projects include Peebles Group, Colliers, Cathedral Junction, LINZ and Box 112.


LiVS can apply for a rates rebate on behalf of landowners for temporary use of space if signed on a LiVS Licence to Occupy. The incentive enables property owners to offset the cost of rates for sites used for temporary regeneration projects. 

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