LiVS only has enough resources to support a limited number of people,  groups, and projects per year.

We get lots of requests for support and we want to be as fair as possible when making our decisions. We have developed some criteria to explain more of what we are looking for.

When we consider the project and its viability, we think about:


Does the project respond to a clearly identifiable need - social, cultural, economic, environmental, geographical, strategic? And will LiVS’ support make a tangible difference to this person, organisation or project?   


Local, distinct, and owner-operated. We're keen to boost great ideas that may not be able to happen without our support - we do not want to give an unfair advantage to existing businesses. We are driven by a diverse array of projects for entrepreneurial, community, and artistic endeavours.


Which communities, people, or groups will the project interest and/or engage with? Will it be easily accessible and available for all? Will it reach under-served or under-represented communities? We may also prioritise projects that provide a community benefit beyond commerce.

Planning & Finance

Is there a clear, well-thought through plan with reasonable timeframes? Do you have a realistic budget and are confident that you can meet the costs associated with your proposal? 


Are the project creators motivated and capable project initiators who have the passion, capacity and/or experience to lead a successful project? We’re looking for well-rounded individuals or teams who can prove they are capable of delivery and ongoing maintenance of their projects.


How likely is it that LiVS can find a suitable space for the project?

Some of these questions may seem a little difficult and we do not expect you to have all the answers; this just provides us with a basic foundation from which to build a case for support.

If you would like to have an initial low-key chat about your project first, please get in touch.

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